Royce Brooks

Software Engineer


I'm a software engineer currently residing in San Francisco. Today, I work at Fuze, the leading enterprise communication platform that embodies video, chat, and audio / phone systems in one application. My focus is on anything web, with emphasis on the front-end. I create and design API's and services mostly in Go, and consume them by developing or improving user interfaces using Angular.

In my spare time I enjoy watching and playing basketball (Go Warriors!), riding my bike, traveling and eating.

    Tech Skills
  • Languages: Javascript, Typescript, Go, Python, HTML, CSS, SASS, SQL
  • Frameworks and libraries: Angular and AngularJS, React, JQuery, Bootstrap, Underscore, Lodash, Greensock, Gorm
  • Servers, Tools and Services: Apache, NodeJS, Nginx, AWS, Sumo, Git